Rivesaline - Salt and Seaweed | Hôtel L'île de Ré - Hôtel Spa Restaurant au Bois Plage en Ré
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Rivesaline – Salt and Seaweed

Discover the artisan products of this salt worker and seaweed farmer based in Loix en Ré on the Ré Island. You will find its salt in your dishes and on your tables at the restaurant of the Hotel every morning and evening. You can also buy these products from the reception shop. Or directly from his self-service shop, a unique and user-friendly concept installed along his farm along the bike path. The dolce vita on the Ré island.
Address: Rivesaline – humus – Le Feneau, Loix road 350m on bike track direction Ars en Ré, 17670 La Couarde sur Mer
Telephone: +33 (0) 6 84 48 92 19
Website: http://boutique.rivesaline.com
E.mail: contact@rivesaline.com